Help Us for Rural Development, Organic Farming, Women empowerment and child education in India

Giving back is as simple as one Rupee, one day, one moment. You can change the tomorrow of someone less fortunate.
Organic Farming in Uttarakhand

Organic Farming

In organic farming, AYAAT FOUNDATION is implementing two programme with Uttarakhand Organic Commodity Board Dehradun. Encouraging farmers to adopt the organic systems and giving support in technical of trainings, capacity building exposures etc.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women of Uttarakhand play a vital role in upbringing of society in the present scenario. With the realization of their critical role in social-economic progress of the family and community at large, empowerment of women particularly in the rural areas is receiving attention.

Axshya Tuberculosis Project

Child Education

Our NGO distributes books and all study stuffs to poor children. We help children unlock their potential and realise their dreams. We believe that every child is extraordinary and can scale great heights if provided with the right learning opportunities.

Rural Development Organization

Our Organization is a registered NGO in India, working on number of organic farming projects and social support to the women to protect them and empower them to be self-sufficient in the future. Our AYAAT FOUNDATION also provide health education to the underprivileged children and women in the community, who reside in rural area.

Board Members

Mrs Shobha Verma, Settler cum Managing Trustee. She has been in the development sector and with AYAAT FOUNDATION.
Mrs Priti, Vice President of AYAAT FOUNDATION is associated with the organization.
Mrs Anamika Verma is the secretary of the organisation and holds specific experience in the development sector for years.
Adv. Akhil Verma is the Founder member and is working with this organization as a legal advisor.

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